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Negotiated relations between the newsroom and the marketing department in Correio Braziliense and Mediafin
Djenane Arraes, Patrícia Lima, Sylvain Malcorps, Maira Moraes

Last modified: 2018-11-04


This study aims to understand in a micro perspective how to establish relations between journalists and marketers in the context of Brazilian and Belgian media organizations. We seek to understand what is being negotiated, as well as whether there are differences in their applied strategic approaches. To do this, we conducted a cross-national perspective on the participant observation and open interviews for data collection. After outlined the theoretical framework about negotiation, from our empirical analysis, we have built two hypotheses about what is part of the negotiation process between journalists and marketers: the gatekeeping role and the mission of journalists


Journalism. Marketing. Negotiation. Comparative Research. Newsroom

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